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a healthy start...

So this past week wasn't too bad. I stayed away from bread a lot more than I had been!

I went grocery shopping on Friday and bought:
fresh mangoes
Bolthouse juice (the vanilla chai tea flavor)
vegetable juice
healthy cereal but I can't remember what kind

I haven't implemented any workout strategies yet, but I've tried being a little more active in the last couple of days. Rather than sitting on my ass all day, I'm trying to clean or play with the kids. Friday and yesterday I spent a lot of time chasing Jason around playing tag, and I played ball with my black lab outside. She got a better work out than I did though. Either way I'm starting to feel a little better.

Tonight I got home fairly early after being gone most of the day with my sister. I had taken boneless skinless chicken breasts out of the freezer the other day but hadn't had time to do anything with them, so tonight I cut them up, sauteed them a little so the pieces weren't pink anymore, and then put them in a dish to bake. I ended up making this thing that actually tasted good. I used two cans of cream of mushroom soup, a cup and a half of milk (to dilute), threw in a bunch of carrots and broccoli I had cut up, then added the partially cooked chicken... since it was pretty soupy I added a handful or so of quick oats, and then topped it with grated mozzarella. It was delicious! and filling. I think it was so filling because before I served myself I put about half a cup of quick oats (uncooked) in the bottom of my bowl then added the chicken mix. It helped thicken it up and give it an original taste. It tasted so good I had seconds, but was stuffed on just the small amount I ate compared to a few weeks ago when I could (and would) eat half a large pizza from Pizza Hut. And that's all I had for dinner.

I still haven't tried that Bolthouse Juice I bought. I want to savor it because it's mad expensive. I'm thinking that it might taste really good if I toss some in the blender with ice and just make myself a smoothie with it. There was another flavor I thought about buying that said something about smoothies, but then the vanilla chai kind caught my eye. Perhaps tomorrow I will make a smoothie and cut up half of one of my mangoes for breakfast. It's a good plan.

OH! and we got pizza for dinner on Friday night, but I only had two small pieces. And rather than digging right into the pizza I started with a large salad. It helped fill me up so I didn't want so much bread.
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