Fallenseer (fallenseer) wrote in psycho_de_flab,

Sins of our fathers


I havnt eat much in the last two days. Today I happened upon a piece of cold pizza and some chips, but I've been so busy, food is the furtherst thing from my mind. Working out I've started ALOT of walking.

Sit-ups 50 a day (25morn/25nigh) are being slowly brought into my day.

I'll up it once I get comfortable with that number.

Better eating I must do, but it'll be so hard with time and such since we're almost on finals week.

I feel icky inside, anyone got anything to help me feel not so bad?
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Skipping meals is the worst thing! It slows your metabolism. Then when your body finally gets fed again, it stores it as fat because it's expecting another food drought. x_x

Feed your body. Set alarms to remind yourself to eat if you have to. And make sure you get plenty of protein to fuel your brain through those finals.