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Psycho De-Flab-ification Society

The Psycho De-Flab-ification Society
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This is a community created for members of, or friends of, the Angry Psychos which are fans of Poe. We are looking to support each other in some weight loss and fitness efforts. If you are an anorexic or bullimic or have otherwise unhealthy weight loss goals, this is not the community for you. We are boring, healthy people just looking to fit back into our size 10's, or 12's, or whatever is a good size for us. We ain't about no Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen starvation crap around here. WE LIKE FOOD!

Everyone's fitness/ weight loss goals are individual to them as we all have different body types and ideas, so this is entirely a community of encouragement and a place to post tips, progress, recipes and what-not. There is no competition here. If you'd like to join, please post a comment and we'll let y'all in.