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how are these fitting?

So I got up this morning after running the Snooze Alarm Marathon for two hours. I'm bad about getting up after forcing myself to stay awake until almost 3 reading for class, so I tend to hit that little button until the very last possible moment before kids arrive. But anyway, I got up finally and threw myself through a shower, came upstairs to find clothes, realized that I don't even like half of my clothes, and searched my closet for a pair of jean I did like.

I found a pair of 15/16 from like my sophomore year of college, and totally fit into them! The legs are super tight, but I'm used to that because I have monster thighs that could crush the heads of people I do not care for. However, the legs may be tight, but the waist is comfortable. This makes me VERY happy this morning since most of my jeans now are in the 17/18 range and that to me is extremely depressing. I'd like to weasle my way back into a 12 if ever possible, but I don't know how I'll do it unless I cut off the inside of both my legs.

Aside from finding jeans in my closet that fit, I slipped up a little yesterday. I snacked too much. During our break from class last thing I bought a package of M&Ms (peanut butter; 210 calories) and a little bag of sweet onion teryaki potato chips (240 calories) and throughout class I managed to suck down a huge bottle (32 ounces) of Gatorade (I drank all 4 servings so that was 200 calories). Then when I got to Nana's mom force fed me (haha yeah right) scalloped potatoes. Even though my eating habits for yesterday kind of sucked I did "exercise". I took the kids to the playground and ran around after them - between playing tag in the field, swinging with Jason on my lap, and chasing both the kids up and down the slides, I think I deserved those M&Ms. I totally worked for them. ;)

Now that it is morning again I need to go drink my coffee and maybe have an orange or a bowl of cereal. I think today may actually turn out to be a good day.
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