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My Arms are Happy

I haven't forgotten the community! Actually, I updated our layout a couple of weeks ago (and I think it looks much nicer now; more elegant) but I didn't feel like posting just for that and I had nothing else to say. :P

The scale told me I've lost 5lbs., though I suspect it's closer to 7 by now, because my clothes say so. More important than what my clothes told me, though, is what my arms said this morning during my yoga routine. I hadn't done my yoga for a couple of weeks, but this morning I was able to not only hold plank pose, but also move gracefully into downward-facing dog without hurting myself. How cool is that! The only thing I can think of that made that possible is that my arms had a few less pounds to lift and hold. ^_^

At 145, my BMI is still in the overweight range (25.7) but once I reach 140 I'll be back in the "healthy" range. I'm pleased to no end that I'll be at a healthy weight soon. The other 15lbs I'd like to lose are "vanity". ;)

Considering that my only cardio is walking at the mall and my only weight training is lifting my neighbor's 2-year-old, this is a fantastic weight loss for the summer. Mainly I owe it to eating until I'm no longer hungry as opposed to "until I'm full".

I'm going to continue to do my yoga as often as possible, continue eating healthy portions and avoiding fried foods (blech!), and for-goodness-sake drink more water cause I'm a bad, bad girl and my body needs me to.

I know these accomplishments may sound small to most of you, but if you keep in mind that I have Fibromyalgia and that even climbing a flight of stairs is an endurance trial for me... yeah. I done good! ^_^

*happy dance*
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