Fallenseer (fallenseer) wrote in psycho_de_flab,

I wanna express myself through the art of dance

Convulse with me

So I'm now challanged. My Trip to Oklahoma put on 10b lbs I'm like WTF. Its becouse lately I havnt been exorsing lately due to work and school, and eating more then I should due to stress. In Oklahoma all I did was sit around and eat becouse what better way to catch up with someone then to sit down to some food?

So my aunt and cousin challanged me and my mom on who can lose the most weight by October 13th.

My goal is 30lbs, I'm going to start running again, doing yoga, eating better (actcually eating breakfast) and just taking care of myself. Do you think its a reasonable goal? Could I lose more?

Hope your all well!
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