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175 and dropping

Flabulous update!

Mom and dad's scales say: 175 (with two pounds of fluctuation on either side of that)
Dr.'s scales would say: between 195 and 205

Why do I still feel like a cow?? And how come my mom thinks she's bloated when she's a toothpick with muscles?

My mom used to be bigger. She claims that she was about my size 6 months ago when she was in highschool, but I can't even imagine it. She's skinny. She watches everything she eats though - not in that psychotic way of using a scale to figure out how many ounces of meat she can have at dinner, but rather portions I guess.

I think some of the weight loss might be from my thyroid. Either it's working normal again with the medication I'm on or it's reversing itself. My hair is constantly falling out. I take a shower and comb my hair and there are at least 10 strands of hair that come out too. I know, I know... hair falls out naturally. Not this much though. Right now I'm overly concerned with getting my thyroid checked again (because I'm due for a full pannel thinger whatever with urine test at the end of the month), and my concern isn't because I think I need my meds increased. It's because if the medication is doing what I think it's doing and helping me lose weight... I really don't want the doctor to screw with it. I've been losing weight without this concern for the last several months now, but now it's like a crutch.

I'll be fine even if the dosage changes, but I don't want to start gaining weight again because they cut my dose in half or something.

I have too much drama. It is mostly self-made.
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